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Ancient Roman wall fresco from Pompeii, Italy


Ancient Roman wall fresco from Pompeii, Italy


I’m referring to the news website of MSN…of course. Anyways this site is the worst piece of crap ever and it is probably written by a white, possibly retarded, possibly Kurdish (though the two are interchangeable), sheltered, yuppie, $5 blowjob giving man from Seattle who sips on Vanilla Cafe Mocha Fruite Cappuccino Lite. The articles make no sense. The top twenty cities in the world to live in. The twelve richest suburbs with the highest “happy” rating. The seven signs that you boyfriend is cheating….hmm i think having sex with another woman is probably number one on that list. Are you a bad facebook friend? Random celebrities 40 million dollar villa and their 40 lb dropping acai, infusion, probiotic yoga-zumba diet exercise plan that sheds the jizzum from the inside of a gay man’s colon and causes you to shit out gold. Wow im becoming a ranter and i hate myself for it. I’m gonna go back to the basics. BRIANNNNNNNNN WEEEEEEOOOOOOOOO. Jews are bad. Spanish people smell bad. African people hold sticks and are friendly and smile. Babies are fun but they shouldn’t be put in the dryer. OHHH

OHHHH. and good luck to Pero and BRIAN on their Canadian securities course exam. Just one more test and you can be a security guard guys!!! :):):)


The answer is shelf 

fisherman’s platter

haven’t posted on here in a while. Don’t ever go to Jarvis, Ontario. Worst place ever. Worse than ground Zero. Worse than Auschwitz…but there may be more Jews. I went to a restaurant and the waitress (probably a dirty cunt whore) had the nerve to bring me a “fisherman’s platter” that contained a total of 7 tiny pieces of pesce. WTF MAN. Also, Cayuga speedway is the worst place in the world. If Assyria existed then there may be less shame taking place topped with the cream of Kurdaya justice aka pestilence. I saw a disgusting chick with a leather face and probably a sandy vaj riding an ATV with a helmet, bikini top and a towel covering her bottom. That plus the ugliest old fat men in the world who were obsessed with processed foods and cars makes for a win. Also, win is good. Except wine made in Spain because it probably tastes like corn.

Lastly, in the port-a-potty in Cayuga I saw a lump of shit with so much corn in it that the hillbilly who shat it probably couldnt take time away from drinking beer mixed with anti-freeze and having sex with his daughter and mother simultaneously to chew his hick meal of a plate of corn with ketchup on it and a Delissio pizza made in the microwave with a side of boiled potatoes.




a guy i work with told me that his great grandmother has 24 KIDS HOLY SHIT. white trash win. so anyways rush was awesome and they rocked everyones penii out of their pantaloons. I saw two guys walking at my soccer game, both shirtless and wearing work pants, one pushing a shopping cart and giggling to each other. Hamilton win. Another hamilton win is the same guy i work with, he told me that he spends 1000 bucks a week on marijuana and related paraphernalia and that he couldve bought 5 houses by now with all the money that he’s wasted on weed his whole life HAHAHA. im gona go eat some pesche


The Continuing Story of Rob Flaj





The life. The legend. The fly.

tonno pasta

I made tonno pasta today and it was quite good so I decided to start my own cooking segment on here and teach you how to make tonno tonno tonno tonno!

1 can flaked, light tonno

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

tonno tonno tonno

1 clove garlic, minced

1 plum tomato, chopped

parmigiano reggiano abbruzzese capotosto mangiare risorgimento cheese, grated


fresh basil


Cook pasta. (if you can’t do this you must have downs syndrome)

Heat olive oil in a pan or pot and gently fry the garlic for 1 minute then introduce the tomatoes to the pan and simmer on low heat. After a few minutes tonno tonno tonno tonno the tomatoes and then count from 9 to tonno and tonno tonno tonno. When pasta is cooked scoop the pasta into the saucepan and mix frivolously. Top with cheese and fresh basil and salt if you please and tonno. 

Tonno tonno tonno, tonno tonno tonno tonno; tonno tonno. Tonno tonno tonno: tonno tonno tonno tonno, tonno tonno.


what are you doing tuesday july 13th

going to see this guy rape the drums and make my girlfriend swoon


A2raya friends

So my friends are with me now at Sargon the greats house and they asked me about my blog haha. Why don’t u call kingston and ask Juan LOL. He wouldn’t have crashed if the Jews didn’t own the highway. And the dirt. Anyways, Assyria is awesome and I’m gonna live there. Peace out Brian.